Intra – Oral Digital

  • Digital X-ray Sensor

    The DEXIS™ Platinum Sensor is a breakthrough direct-USB digital x-ray solution. This single-sensor concept is portable, comfortable, and with PureImage™ Technology, the image quality is even more remarkable.
    • PerfectSize™ Sensor—One Size Fits All
    • TrueComfort™ Design
    • WiseAngle™ Cable Exit
    • PureImage™ Technology
    • ScatterGuard™ Protection
    • Direct USB Connectivity
    • Custom-fit Holders
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  • Digital X-Ray Sensor

    Continuing the legacy of providing the best in intraoral digital imaging, DEXIS Titanium is everything you’ve come to expect from DEXIS innovation and more.
    •    Extraordinary Images
    •     SMART Features
    •    Sustainable Durability
    •    Patient Comfort
    •    Unconditional Replacement Warranty
    DEXIS Titanium is compatible with many industry-leading practice management systems, as well as these innovative software platforms:
    • Eaglesoft® Advanced Imaging—comprehensive, easy-to-use dental practice software
    • Dentrix Ascend®—intuitive, cloud-based platform from Henry Schein One
    • DTX Studio™ suite—one integrated ecosystem connecting treatments from beginning to end
    • DEXvoice™—hands-free, voice activation imaging software module

    DEXIS Titanium Best of Class Award 2019 Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award Winner

    The Reader’s Choice Award from Dental Product Shopper.
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  • The Digital Sensors to Advance Your Quality of Care

    With rounded corners and smooth finishes, the Gendex™ GXS-700™ sensors comfortably fit the oral cavity. High-definition images having amazing clarity and detail that support diagnosis and treatment.

    The Reader’s Choice Award from Dental Product Shopper.

    • The easy to use, portable sensors make going digital seamless
    • Two ergonomically designed sensor sizes accommodate both children and adults for optimal patient comfort
    • A streamlined workflow saves time and allows dentists to see more patients
    • Advanced CMOS sensor technology enables enhanced diagnostic capabilities
    • Dynamic exposure settings provide consistent image quality and repeatable results
    • Durable material and components increase the product’s lifespan
    • GxPicture™ allows for an open software architecture
    • Significantly reduces patient exposure to radiation
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  • Phosphor Plate scanner

    High quality digital imaging with the convenience and user-friendliness of traditional film. Hy-Scan phosphor scanner is the perfect balance between technology and tradition.
    • Essential, compact design
    • Ergonomics and positioning comfort
    • High definition digital images
    • TOUCH-FREE user-friendliness
    • Hard-wearing and reliable in MultiROOM
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  • The dependable imaging solution for patient-centric practices.

    KaVo IXS is the new and improved Gendex™. Built upon decades of success with Gendex sensors, KaVo IXS is everything you have grown to rely on – plus more*. Easily produce diagnostic quality images with improved contrast, less noise, and greater dose flexibility. Enjoy enhanced robust engineering and automated technology.
    • KaVo IXS is three times more resistant to damage or functional failure than Gendex GXS-700.
    • KaVo IXS handles double the biteforce without cosmetic damage than Gendex GXS-700.
    • KaVo IXS includes SimplySmart™ IoT capabilities such as direct-download calibration files, automated software updates, and proactive sensor health monitoring.
    Open Integration We designed KaVo IXS to easily integrate with the imaging software or practice management system your practice is already using. Use KaVo IXS directly with many of the most popular software platforms without any bridge or additional software purchases. Seamlessly integrate KaVo IXS with:
    • DTX Studio™ suite—one integrated ecosystem connecting treatments from beginning to end
    • DEXIS™, VixWin™, Cliniview™, Eaglesoft® Advanced Imaging, Dentrix Ascend®, ADSTRA, APTERYX®, MiPACS™, curvedental®, and cadi® OPTIMUM. More integrations coming soon.
  • Scan eXam One - Fast and reliable digital intraoral imaging

    The perfect One for all intraoral purposes to covers a wide range of your diagnostic needs.
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    The SOPIX® Series digital x-ray sensors improve your daily work: simplified use and outstanding image quality. Developed to meet every dental practice’s needs, they propose a solution adapted to every budget: SOPIX® and SOPIX2®. Compatible with WINDOWS and MAC

    SOPIX® inside and SOPIX® 2 inside from ACTEON® group have marked a turning point in terms of patient safety. ACTEON®, leader in dental imaging, already offered two high technology digital radiology sensors in its range, SOPIX® offering quality at an affordable price and SOPIX for exceptional performance. With the INSIDE version and ACE® technology, radiology has been entering a new era. SOPIX® and SOPIX were ahead of their time and, therefore, their competitors as a result of the ACE® (Automatic Control Exposure) technology, patented by SOPRO®, part of ACTEON® group and unique in the world of dentistry. These sensors automatically stop image acquisition once they have received the energy required for producing a quality imaging.  Each image is thus protected from overexposure. In this way the practitioner is assured of obtaining a successful X-ray from the first exposure, leading to reliable, accurate diagnosis. ACTEON® has been enlarging its range by offering SOPIX® inside and SOPIX inside, a version of sensors directly incorporated into the X-Mind® unity, the generator from ACTEON®. The connecting cables disappear into the generator arm to leave a more ergonomic and better laid out working environment. A dedicated location on the generator head gives the user easy access to the sensor and at the same time any risk of it falling on the floor is limited. The AIS software, supplied free with all products in the SOPIX® range, makes it possible to collect and archive, for each image, exposure time, dose savings, the doses reported the surface of the irradiated tissues (DAP - Dose Area Product), etc. for each patient. So the dentist can provide traceability for the doses received by the patient. Compatible with WINDOWS and MAC
  • 7 sensors – fast, easy and excellent x-ray images

    Over 20 years experience in sensor technology

    Absolutely convincing is the high detail recognition with minimum radiation dose.

    The depiction of the finest grey scale enables D1 caries lesions to be reliably detected. Thanks to the quick availability of images and high level of detail (e.g. display of ISO 06 files), VistaRay 7 is a valuable complement to image plate technology in endodontics and when checking abutments.

    Fast image transmission with CMOS

    The modern CMOS technology of the VistaRay 7 guarantees fast image transmission with high resolution. The new Dürr Dental scintillator layer reduces scatter and concentrates light, which positively influences the image quality.

    Your benefit

    • High detail precision - Reliable diagnostics
    • Rapid image availability - Efficient workflow
    • Multi-user capability - Inexpensive and flexible
    • The optimum complement to the image plate in endodontics, implantology and dental conservation
    • Diagnosis support with special filters and versatile image processing (DBSWIN or VistaEasy)
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