Training for new and existing members of your dental practice in making optimal use of your dental imaging technology.

Our dental imaging training covers a wide range of brands. Our dental engineers have had manufacturer training from all key suppliers. We have a full understanding of not just the technology, but also of best practice in dentistry and dental procedure. We go further than offering training only at the installation or moderation of dental practice’s imaging technology. We offer ongoing follow up training to cover new members of staff and evolving roles. We want to make sure you can get the most out of your dental imaging equipment.


Our specialist dental engineers are available to offer support and advice to ensure the best possible use of your technology.

There’s no need to struggle with forums and webchats. You can pick up the phone and talk to a dental engineer directly. We know you might have a quick question or need full technical assistance. We’re available to make sure you’re able to make optimal use of your dental imaging technology. We want you to be confident in using your dental imaging technology, and enjoy providing a better service as a result.


Our training and support is just one aspect of our wider dental imaging technology offering.

However you’re planning to modernise your dental practice, we pride ourselves on being the best qualified, most knowledgeable and greatest value. Our wide range of products, services, training and support means we have long term relationships with dental surgeries and practices of all kinds and sizes.