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Formally known as KaVo

The dependable imaging solution for patient-centric practices.

DEXIS IXS is the new and improved Gendex™. Built upon decades of success with Gendex sensors, DEXIS IXS is everything you have grown to rely on – plus more*. Easily produce diagnostic quality images with improved contrast, less noise, and greater dose flexibility.

Enjoy enhanced robust engineering and automated technology.

  • DEXIS IXS is three times more resistant to damage or functional failure than Gendex GXS-700.
  • DEXIS IXS handles double the biteforce without cosmetic damage than Gendex GXS-700.
  • DEXIS IXS includes SimplySmart™ IoT capabilities such as direct-download calibration files, automated software updates, and proactive sensor health monitoring.

Open Integration

We designed DEXIS IXS to easily integrate with the imaging software or practice management system your practice is already using. Use DEXIS IXS directly with many of the most popular software platforms without any bridge or additional software purchases.

Seamlessly integrate DEXIS IXS with:

  • DTX Studio™ suite—one integrated ecosystem connecting treatments from beginning to end
  • DEXIS ™, VixWin™, Cliniview™, Eaglesoft® Advanced Imaging, Dentrix Ascend®, ADSTRA, APTERYX®, MiPACS™, curvedental®, and cadi® OPTIMUM. More integrations coming soon.


DEXIS (Formally known as KaVo)

Freedom from Sensor Failures

Featuring DEXISTough™ robust engineering, DEXIS IXS sensors are stronger than our previous generation sensor, named GXS-700*. The sensor housing strategically protects the internal components of the sensor. The cable is designed to be so durable that it should never need replacing.

No-Stress Workflow Integration

After installing drivers, simply plug the sensor’s USB into any operatory computer to begin using. Calibration files are stored directly inside the sensor itself and automatically download once plugged in. Easily move DEXIS IXS across operatories using the USB connector without missing a beat.

Always Ready to Perform

Automated software updates and built-in IoT capabilities will proactively maintain the health of your sensor system. Featuring proprietary SimplySmart™ technology, the DEXIS Software Manager will help ensure that your sensors are always ready to perform.

Optimized Patient Comfort

With two RiteSize™ sensor sizes to choose from — size 1 and size 2 — DEXIS IXS is customizable to fit your patient. Ergonomically designed to support patient comfort, DEXIS IXS eliminates sharp edges, allowing the sensor to be easily placed closer to the patient’s anatomy.

Your Imaging Workhorse.

Each internal component is strategically engineered and layered to protect the device from damage. The sensor housing is built with a thermoplastic resin material. Featuring a unique dome surface design which protects the internal components of the sensor, DEXIS IXS is engineered to be your reliable, imaging acquisition workhorse.

In this high efficiency sensor system, the DEXIS IXS scintillator can convert a single X-ray photon into thousands of visible light photons. The scintillator then guides these photons to a protective, optically clear, fiber optic plate, which then collimates the photons to the CMOS pixels. In just seconds, the high sensitivity and low noise pixels convert the photons to electrical signals that are further digitized to produce a clear digital image.

No Cable Replacement Necessary

The DEXIS IXS cable is able to withstand 22 lbs of force without functional failure*. The copper alloy inner shield and kevlar-reinforced strands pad the cable jacket for added durability and resilience to withstand your practice’s most demanding day.

Directly fused to the USB housing, the cable design offers robust protection from twisting and tugging. Able to withstand over 240,000 bend cycles, the DEXIS IXS cable is designed to never need replacing.

Snap, Click, Go. Custom Accessories.

The IXS positioning system includes custom bitewing, anterior and posterior holders for optimal sensor handling. Backwards compatible with Gendex GXS-700 sensors, the DEXIS IXS positioning system is engineered to withstand significant biteforce and repeated autoclaving.


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