Intra - Oral cameras

  • HD Intraoral camera

    Portable, simple, fast: high definition and technological reliability, as part of a miniature revolution. C-U2 becomes your new method of working, communicating, imagining.
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  • High Definition Intraoral Video Camera

    Create immediate visual impact with high-definition images from DEXIS™ DEXcam™ 4 HD. Used for diagnosis, education, and collaboration, the images from the DEXcam 4 HD intraoral camera are clear and highly detailed; and the camera is easy to use, reliable, and portable.
    Camera Highlights
    • 1.3-million pixel CMOS sensor delivers high-resolution images that remain clear and crisp
    • Precision 7-element glass optical lens produces exceptional image quality and helps prevent image distortion
    • Optimized to help ensure images maintain their natural color tones
    • USB connection makes it a highly portable, plug-n-play camera
    • Capture buttons featured on both sides to accomodate right and left handers
    • A single press freezes the image; simply hold to save the image into the patient's record
    • Integrates brilliantly with DEXCapture software for guided and flexible workflows
    DEXcam 4HD is compatible with DEXvoice™, an add-on module to the DEXIS imaging software that enables voice activation – Hands Free Workflow.
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    The SOPRO 617®  oral camera is now a worldwide standard for dentists who demand SOPRO image quality. The SOPRO 617® Color Line has been designed to illuminate your working environment.

    In dentistry, many daily procedures require magnification glasses or a microscope together with a mirror to observe the oral areas requiring treatment. The Sopro 717 First allows you to go beyond the limitations of human vision without the need for bulky accessories typically found in dental clinics. This is MacroVision.
  • One camera, many options

    Thanks to the innovative interchangeable head, 4 options are immediately available:

    • Cam interchangeable head for intraoral images
    • Macro interchangeable head for magnifying images 120x
    • Proof interchangeable head makes caries and plaque visible on occlusal and smooth surfaces
    • Proxi interchangeable head helps diagnose approximal caries
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  • Interchangeable head system, autofocus and real HD images

    Thanks to its new, improved optics it delivers crystal clear and high contrast images.

    This is what counts:

    • Brilliant HD image quality even in video mode
    • Autofocus for intraoral, extraoral and macro images
    • Software analysis to detect caries lesions and to visualise plaque by using the fluorescence effect (Proof interchangeable head)
    • Support for diagnosing approximal caries without exposure to radiation, thanks to infrared technology (Proxi interchangeable head)
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