• 3D Impression Table Top: Scanner

    Integrated into the surgery workflow, increase productivity while improving quality.
    • Predictable results
    • Effective communication
    • Sure of certified precision 4 μm
    • Distinctive characteristics
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  • HD Intraoral camera

    Portable, simple, fast: high definition and technological reliability, as part of a miniature revolution. C-U2 becomes your new method of working, communicating, imagining.
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  • Phosphor Plate scanner

    High quality digital imaging with the convenience and user-friendliness of traditional film. Hy-Scan phosphor scanner is the perfect balance between technology and tradition.
    • Essential, compact design
    • Ergonomics and positioning comfort
    • High definition digital images
    • TOUCH-FREE user-friendliness
    • Hard-wearing and reliable in MultiROOM
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  • 3D Digital Impression Intra Oral Scanner

    The dental scanner designed by dentists
    • Maximum comfort
    • Very high precision
    • Intuitiveness
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  • 3D/2D Ceph suspended imaging system

    Designed to satisfyyour every need. Hyperion X5 is the cutting-edge imaging system that covers your every need. A compact, complete solution that boosts your surgery’s diagnostic potential.
    • Ceph-Ready
    • PAN Ortho
    • Full 3D: dentition and maxillary sinuses
    • Intuitive virtual console - Guided workflow
    • Servo-controlled movements
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  • X9 Generation: Full Empowerment

    The present and the future of my work. In three dimensions. Hyperion X9 offers me multiple possibilities and a full range of functions to aim for the best, at all times. MyRay, Just right for you. All the possible choices in one touch. Hyperion X9 adapts to your work, optimizes your time, satisfies your needs. A hybrid platform with exceptional performances. Hyperion X9 unites advanced technology and simplicity of use, thereby ensuring you excellent diagnostic analyses in a short time. Try out a new level of efficiency thanks to the automatic alignment of the 2D and 3D detectors. Adapt the platform to your needs: three exceptional solutions, easy to adapt and flexible. Hyperion X9 offers you a wide range of 2D analyses, cephalometric projections and all the best of 3D technology.
    • 12 configurations
    • Rapid update
    • Relocatable PAN/CEPH detector
    • Automatic selection of the dedicated 2D and 3D detectors (Patented)
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  • Professional 3-in-1 full-touch imaging system

    Hyperion X9 pro offers the new 3D technology, cephalometric projections and a wide range of 2D examinations. 2D/3D high-definition imaging and cutting-edge technology for a complete, upgradable, and small-sized platform. Hyperion X9 pro meets every diagnostic requirement by easily integrating into the work flow and guaranteeing maximum comfort for both patient and operator. SuperHD quality images that allow the doctor to make a correct diagnosis, thanks to easy and completely guided procedures. Full accessibility and user-friendliness with the innovative full-touch control panel and fast Face To Face positioning which guarantees maximum comfort to both patient and operator. The wide scalability and modularity of Hyperion X9 pro allows to change the setting according to your needs, upgrading from a basic to an advanced version in a simple and cost-effective manner. Powerful, reliable, easy.
    • Configurable and modular
    • Image technology and quality
    • Optimal user experience
    • Comfort and ergonomics
    • Full connectivity
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  • Intraoral x-ray unit with eXTend wireless technology maximum image quality, minimum dose for the patient. RXDC - eXTend technology provides always-sharp images, a full configuration range and the exclusive flexibility of wireless technology.
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  • Innovative design, revolutionary ergonomics, advanced technology. RXDC - HyperSphere technology brings the best of DC X-ray units into your surgery.
    • Maximum flexibility
    • Precision x-ray imaging
    • Innovative ergonomics
    • Complete reliability
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  • RXDC - High frequency intraoral x-ray unit Highest quality with lowest exposure. Always-sharp images, versatility and meticulous attention to patient health. With RXDC you get the best DC technology with the lowest X-ray dose.
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  • Advanced portable imaging system

    Perfect for your portable imaging system diagnostic needs. Acquire, display, process and manage every detail directly in the palm of your hand on the most versatile, modern device available.
    • Immediate diagnostics
    • Real-time image processing
    • Portability and working freedom
    • Synchronisation with PC - iRYS software
    • Bluetooth image transfer
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  • HD direct USB X-ray Sensor

    Always ready, fast, portable.
    • Easy, fast, portable, real-time
    • Maximum active area with optimal ergonomics
    • Resistant to impact, dust and liquids
    • Plug-and-play with iCapture software
    • All-in-one iRYS software - Free Viewer and iPAD app
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