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Professional 3-in-1 full-touch imaging system

Hyperion X9 pro offers the new 3D technology, cephalometric projections and a wide range of 2D examinations. 2D/3D high-definition imaging and cutting-edge technology for a complete, upgradable, and small-sized platform. Hyperion X9 pro meets every diagnostic requirement by
easily integrating into the work flow and guaranteeing maximum comfort for both patient and operator.

SuperHD quality images that allow the doctor to make a correct diagnosis, thanks to easy and completely guided procedures. Full accessibility and user-friendliness with the innovative
full-touch control panel and fast Face To Face positioning which guarantees maximum comfort to both patient and operator.

The wide scalability and modularity of Hyperion X9 pro allows to change the setting according to your needs, upgrading from a basic to an advanced version in a simple and cost-effective manner.
Powerful, reliable, easy.

  • Configurable and modular
  • Image technology and quality
  • Optimal user experience
  • Comfort and ergonomics
  • Full connectivity
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Innovation, power and versatility.

Maximum flexibility for your diagnoses. Hyperion X9 pro is fully configurable and its modular and scalable design makes it possible to transition from a basic to a more advanced version in an easy and cost-effective manner. An extraordinary platform that adapts to the needs of your dental practice thanks to the 2D PAN/CEPH sensor that can be easily relocated and to the reversible teleradiographic arm which can be installed on both sides. The most compact 3-in-1 hybrid system available on the market for high-quality 2D and 3D examinations.


The main advantage of 360-degree scanning is a considerable reduction of artifacts. Hyperion X9 pro combines this type of acquisition with extremely fast execution times. In just 14” it is indeed possible to carry out complete high-resolution examinations at low X-ray doses: excellent quality, detailed particulars, fast diagnosis.


The constant potential generator, equipped with a focal spot of just 0.5mm, optimises exposure thanks to the pulsed emission technology thereby ensuring the best results with the lowest irradiated dose.


The technologically-advanced 3D control panel stands out for its exceptional sensitivity which allows for extremely detailed examinations. Volumes of complete dentition and upper airways in SuperHD quality for accurate diagnoses at all times.

Detector technology Amorphous silicon – CsI with direct deposition Amorphous silicon – CsI with direct deposition
Dynamic range 16 bit (65535 livelli di grigio) 16 bit (65535 grey levels)
Typical scan time 14,4 s 14,4 s
Rotation 360°/180° 360°/180°
Image voxel size Minimum 75 μm Minimum 68 μm
Field of view, diameter x height 108 x 80 mm 108 x 50 mm
Available FOV sizes (Øxh) 6×6 – 8×6 – 8×8 – 10×6 – 10×8 6×6 – 8×6 – 8×8 – 10×6 – 10×8 10×10 – 13×8 – 13×10 – 13×16 4×4 – 7×6 (eXtended Functionality)
Typical image size 495 MB 820 MB
Minimum scan time 6,4 s 3,6 s
Typical X-ray exposure time 1.6 s (Low-dose QuikScan) – 8.0 s (SuperHD Mode) 1.6 s (Low-dose QuikScan) – 8.0 s (SuperHD Mode)
Patient alignment Servo-assisted: Scout View method Servo-assisted: Scout View method
Image format Exclusive iRYS and DICOM 3.0 software Exclusive iRYS and DICOM 3.0 software
Minimum render times for CB3D data 15 s on average On average, real-time for FOV XF 4×4 QuickScan


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