DEXIS X 500 Intraoral Scanner

DEXIS X 500 Intraoral Scanner

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Formally known as KaVo

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Introducing the DEXIS X 500TM Intraoral Scanner: a simple, yet powerful chairside solution

  • Impressive Speed
  • Single Button Control
  • High Resolution
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DEXIS (Formally known as KaVo)

Backed by an industry leading brand known for quality and performance, the DEXIS  X 500 Intraoral Scanner is a simple, yet powerful solution,


The X 500 intraoral scanner allows you to export STL files and share them with your preferred lab, or to easily transfer files and track your progress throughout the entire workflow.

Impressive Speed

Using two high-speed cameras, the X 500 scans quickly and efficiently. With its intelligent scan detecting algorithm, the X 500 picks up where it left off for a smooth scanning experience.

Small Tip

The small tip on the X 500 is beneficial to both the user and the patient through simpler manoeuvrability and improved patient comfort. Tips are autoclavable. Small Tip size (W x H): 19 x 15.2 mm.

High Resolution

The DEXIS X 500 produces realistic images which are high in resolution and rich in detail, allowing you to distinguish between tooth structure and soft tissue for easy identification of margin lines and undercuts.


The X 500 scanner has a lightweight design and is easy to hold, yielding a more comfortable scanning workflow.

Single Button Control

The single button of the X 500 allows the user to start and stop the scan at any moment without having to reach for the computer. Press the button down once to start scanning, and another time to stop. When the scan is complete, hold it down to move to the next scanning stage.

Vivid Colour

The X 700 scanner produces precise-coloured scans which can distinguish between soft tissue, plaque and teeth.

Technical Data: EQUIPMENT Description
Tip size 19 x 15.2 (WxH)
Overall handpiece length 266 mm
Weight 280 g
Imaging Technology 3D-in-motion video technology
Colour 3D full colour streaming capture
Connectivity USB 3.0
Scanning Area 14 x 13 mm


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